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{Farmer Outlets}{126-128 Ekoro Road, Abule Egba}{Abule Egba}{100276}{Lagos}{Nigeria}{(234) 70592-32172}
126-128 Ekoro Road, Abule EgbaLagosLagos
Phone:(234) 70592-32172
Chinedu Integrated F...
Drip Irrigation...
Organic Tea Liquid F...

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The minister stated that it was unpatriotic for rice producers to sell a bag of the commodity above ...

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3rd March 2020

Smallholders farmers grows 90% of Nigeria foods but their crops are vulnerable to ever more extreme ...

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3rd March 2020

Buying a goat can feel a little overwhelming. While there are always goats available, it's impor...

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14th November 2019
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Broodstock Production: A Lucrative Business in Catfish Farming Catfish production is a very broad f...

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29th May 2020

  Fruit Trees? Learn how to grow fruit trees and see how to prune fruit trees for the first 4 ...

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3rd March 2020

Organic gardening has always been my passion. As a young child, from about the age of 12 I grew vege...

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3rd March 2020
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