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Feeding cost has always been a subject of contention in the operating cost of a poultry project; but raising pullet from day old can reduce your cost of production and be very certain of what you are given your day old. Many farmers will called pullet for you as point of lay and this as been affecting many farmers. Check the analysis below for rough estimation of raising a bird till they start producing 50% of the total production (24 weeks).
*Rough estimate Cost analysis of 500 layers*
Price of day old - #200
Week 1-6 - 1.2kg * 500= 600kg(25 bags * 3400)=#81,600

From 6-18 weeks 
A bird will consume roughly 5.5kg.
500*5.5 = 2,750kg
(110*2800) = 308,000

Week 19-24
4.5 kg * 500 =2,250
(90 bags * 3000) = #270,000

Total cost = 
Price of day old = 500*200= 100,000

Feed = 81,600+ 308,000+270,000= 659,600

For the medication = 

*Medication = 40,000*
Vaccination = *14,000*
 Fowl pox
*Wood shaving and charcoal*= *50,000*

Total cost =659,600+54,000+50,000=
Cost of worker  - 15,000
778,600/500 =#1,557.2

So buying 15-16 weeks at the rate of 1400, the difference is clear.

But if you are not expert don't buy day old chick.

It can be handle by family no need to employ someone, is  small and easily managed.
Note :
The analysis may Varies a little due to Slight difference in breed, quality of feed, general temperature etc.
Buying point of lay is very delicate when you buy from a source that u don't know. Some farmers do scam new babies in the business by selling grower as point of lay. 

Someone share is experience with me and i decided to group it in to 3 headings

*Different ages*
 After purchasing the birds we need to find that out that they were of different sizes, possibly from different batches. This discrepancy in size poses a problem to any farmer in that the farmer ends up spending more for feeding as the birds are fed based on their age, meaning older birds would cause you to feed more than is required.
*Improper feeding:* 
Most farmers that stock laying birds for sale as point of lay definitely want to make a profit so most times they reduce the amount of feed  given in order to get the highest profits causing the birds to be much smaller in size.
*Vaccination schedule not followed:* 
After the supply of the birds, some people usually requested for the vaccination schedule and was sent a schedule that was generic, basically what should be done. After about 2 weeks we started recording mortalities and noticed that the birds had Small pox and New castle Disease which if the proper vaccination schedule was followed could have been avoided.

*Contact me for day old chics DOC.*
*Feed formation*
*Farm set up*

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Also contact me to write up a business plan in which all this will be detailed from day old chicks to 28wks.

23rd July 2019