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Fruit Trees? Learn how to grow fruit trees and see how to prune fruit trees for the first 4 years to get maximum fruit. We tell you where and how to plant your trees and the ideal growing conditions. See our other sections on pests and diseases of fruit trees , and garden pests and photos for identification.

What would summer be without those delicious summer-kissed fruits? The apples, pears, peaches, plums and cherries are all deciduous fruits that make delicious ciders, wines, moonshine, jams, chutneys and preserves. So how do we plant these fruit trees to ensure success?

First of all you need to have the right climate, soil and plant fruit trees in the right position. Deciduous fruit trees do well in cool temperate climates that should not be gown in late frost areas, as frosts in the spring can kill your saplings quicker than you can imagine. If you live on the coast, your fruit trees could be susceptible to fruit flies which are deadly for your crop. It would be best here to make sure that you plant early-maturing varieties to help avoid this problem.


Planting Fruit Trees: Ideal Growing Conditions

Fruit trees are great nitrogen feeders and is the element most needed by your trees. I don't like using chemical fertilizers. I usually apply either diluted nettle tea (1:10), which has been steeped in a bucket for about a month, commercial seaweed applications or diluted urine (1:10).

The nitrogen can be applied when needed and annually in late winter and early spring. A surface mulch of compost, old grass clippings and rotten animal manure will also help.

Pruning your Fruit Trees: Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Prune


Planting Fruit Trees: How to Prune a One Year Old Fruit Tree

After planting, you need to know how to prune your fruit trees. Cut back the young tree to about 80 cm high to encourage the development of three main limbs. A vase shape is best for most deciduous trees. Prune trees hard for the first few years to make a sturdy framework and to shape the tree.

A one year old tree with no side shoots tree should be pruned to a bud with two buds below it at about 80 cm from the ground immediately after planting to produce primary branches during the first growing season.

A one year old tree with several side branches should have its main stem pruned back to three or four strong shoots at 80 cm from the ground. Side shoots should be shortened by two thirds of their length to an upward or outward facing bud. Lower shoots should be removed flush with the stem.

During winter remove the shoots that are growing inward. This allows for the sunlight to enter the center of the tree and helps to encourage flowers and fruit.

Planting Fruit Trees: How to Prune a Two Year Old Fruit Tree

When planting fruit trees that have grown for 2 years, remove any lower shoots and prune between three and five of the best placed shoots by half to an upwards or outwards facing bud to form what will become the tree's main structural branches.

Remove any inwards facing shoots.


Planting Fruit Trees: How to Prune a Three Year Old Fruit Tree

When planting fruit trees that have grown for 3 years you will need to prune the leading shoots of branches selected to extend the framework by half to a bud facing in the desired direction.

Select four good laterals to fill the framework and shorten these by a half. Prune any remaining laterals to four buds to form fruiting spurs.

Planting Fruit Trees: How to Prune a Four Year Old Fruit Tree

The tree will have begun to fruit and only limited formative pruning is now required. Shorten leaders by one third and prune laterals not required to extend the framework to four buds.

When the fruit trees are fully grown it is important to remove all dead and diseased wood. Prune all deciduous fruit trees, except for cherries, in winter. Cherries, on the other hand, should only be pruned in spring just before they start getting their first leaves.

I don't have time to go into details here, but different kinds of fruit trees bear their fruit in different ways. Therefore it is important to know this before you go pruning your trees.

Distances Apart to Plant Fruit Trees

Different fruit trees have different shapes and spreading capabilities, and therefore you will need to take this into consideration when planning your fruit orchards.

You will also have take into consideration certain varieties and whether you are planting dwarf fruit trees or standard fruit trees.



3rd March 2020