About Us

Farmer Outlets is an online marketplace set up specifically to give farmers, producers, investors and customers another direct channel to market and buy farm fresh produce and services. We are the leading online Job- Board for both job seekers and employers in agriculture, natural resources and food industry.

An online shop where multiple farmers, farm investors and consumers come together to;

  1. buy
  2. sell their abundant variety of local and seasonal produce
  3. share their farm information
  4. lease and advertise farm input, jobs and other agric related events


Our goal is to be the most cost-effective high impact marketing platform for Farmers and Agri Business Investors. To be the first and pioneer of important resource to all Nigerians needs: Eat fresh, buy local.



It is free to sell on Farmeroutlets, zero commission, no annual general fees and doesn’t charge anything extra from farmers for selling their produce. In addition to this, farmers also list unlimited number of products and we do not interfere in any kind of financial transaction that is between buyers and sellers.

We only charge tokens from farmers that opt for a dedicated page to showcase their farm and produce.

We are committed to support local farms and we bring farms to millions of Nigeria shoppers that eat fresh. Farmers if you have a farm and its yields huge amounts of food items every year, do not wait for anybody’s suggestion, just register with us and you can sell all your freshly cultivated grocery items to our customers, who visits us only because of your fresh stock which you offer.

Farmers, you are just a step away. Register with us and get along with your business.

Consumers and customers, pay us a visit, place your order from different sellers and get them straight at your doorstep.


Our Services

We provide a platform where farmers showcase their farms and list their produce in their local community. All you need to buy and sell is to browse our categories, select your state, city and start shopping.

  • Connecting and ordering is very easy, anytime of day, all seasons a year.

  • After ordering, notification is sent to farmers and they (farmers) contact directly prospective customers.

  • Produce are either picked-up or delivered directly to your home, restaurants, vendors, grocery stores, schools etc.

Farmer Outlets is also an advertising medium for
  • Input Retail

    • Crops Input – Crop protection, pesticides and fertilizer, seeds

    • Livestock Input - Feed Nutrition, harvest products, feeding equipment, water troughs, breeding supplies,
      veterinary services etc

  • Food and beverage Products Processing equipment

  • Animal and Crop Production Equipments

  • Users to lease anything within agriculture industry

  • Posting of “For Sale” or “Wanted” Products

More than a Marketplace
  1. We are here to help
  2. We give back to farming communities
  3. We expand customer base, increase sales and create value to you.
  4. We are solving a big problem - ablility to sell farm produce in timely manner.



Customers discover and learn great real farmers’ places and fresh produce around their local community with great deal and satisfying experience. You can Shop from closest choice with best price, learn about your farmers and pick up your orders at pick-up location or delivered directly to your door step.



Farmer Outlets acts as a digital brochure letting people know what the story of your farm is, what you have to sell, and where they can go to get it. It gives you the opportunity to add value to your products.

We sell farmer’s produces to a massive audience of customers farmers might not currently be reaching, thereby increasing sales. Hundreds of people are updated at the same time for little or no cost, saves money in the long term and drive traffic to individual farmer’s farm.

Farmers gain visibility among other farmers, media, local area, states, Nigeria and worldwide and are regularly updated on national general events and information across the country.


AgriBusiness Investors

Our platform promotes while showcasing services and products. It helps investors to gain visibility among farmers, media, community, Nigeria and worldwide.

We advertise new products, festivals, tours, workshops, courses, seminars, fairs, trainings and many other kinds of food and farming related events in the local area.


We are looking for:

Nigerian farmers and agricultural professionals

  • With a registered business in Nigeria who grow or hand make quality produce and products
  • A registered member of any of Nigerian relevant Authority/Associations.
  • Must adhere to all relevant health, food safety and Nigeria laws and regulations.