1. What browser do you recommend?

We recommend using CHROME to browse


      2.  How do I register on farmeroutlets

Registration is free and open to everyone. It’s easy and only takes a few moments. Registration process uses email to send you confirmation link, be sure to provide a valid email address and phone number. To take full advantage of all our benefits and services, make sure you complete your free registration.

Click on create account menu and select who you are. Fill in all details. Your email or phone number will be used as your username and provided password your access password to your account.

Submit your registration details after you have filled all field, click on the register button. An email will be sent to your provided email address to activate your account. From your email, select the confirmation link and simply go to the login page. Enter your email or phone number and typed-in password to access your account.


        3.  I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

If you have forgotten your log-in password, click login icon on the top right of the home page and select forgot password? Ensure that you type your email address correctly to recover your password. Check your inbox (or junk mail folder), you should receive the password reset confirmation email within a few minutes of requesting it. Select the link and follow further instructions.


       4.  Buying/Ordering on Farmeroutlets

  1. Select Buy Farm Products or Browse Categories. You also have option of shopping from our Homepage by scrolling down to select from Browse Farm Products. Click on applicable pictorial product category.
  2. Select the item you need from the categories. You can also search by entering your required product in the search box or localize your search by looking for products in your city or state.
  3. To buy or order to cart, you are provided with 2 options
    1. Click on add to cart icon on the product image, it automatically add the item to my basket at the top right of the home page. Click as many times as the quantity of item you want to buy/order, for example to order for 4 pieces of smoked chicken, click 4 times on add to cart.
    2. Click on the image of the product which takes you to the product information page
  4. In the product information page, you can view more information about the selected item, enter as much quantity as needed in the space provided and add to cart. You are also able to see more sellers selling the item and similar related products.
  5. Click on my basket on top right of the home page to get to shopping cart page. Shopping cart page enables you to:
    1. Delete items
    2. Increase or decrease the quantity of added items
    3. View total amount of items
    4. Option to shop more or proceed to checkout.
  6. Click on Proceed to checkout if satisfied with items. This will take you to check out page. Provide accurate shipping/contact details and select Place order.


      5.  How Payment is Done

  1. is not involved in any payment transactions between sellers and buyers, and is not responsible for any harm resulting from scams or fraud.
  2. Orders placed goes directly to sellers account and email. The seller uses the provided shipping details to contact buyer. Payment is done outside
  3. Be safe. See our Customers Safety Trips.


      6.  Delivery

Seller delivery – Seller contact buyer and negotiate on delivery timeframe and location. Seller may charge for delivery based on location or charge on standard fee for all deliveries.

Farmeroutlets delivery - We place on hold delivery service by Farmeroutlets.  However, we will add standard delivery service which can be either direct or through any of our delivery partners to the site in the future. We shall set and take delivery fees for any deliveries done.


        7.  Do I need a user account to sell, showcase farm, post advert and job?

Yes. You must become a Registered User to allow you to access the exciting features of selling and adverting on this site. You can personalize the content and information on the webpage to meet your specific needs and interests.

Simply register by clicking on the Create Account menu or Register icon present on the top right of the home page.


      8.  How do I sell my farm produce/products

  1. FIRST create account by clicking on the Create Account menu or Register icon present on the top right of the home page. Registration is mandatory and is free.
  2. Select I am a seller. Fill in all required details and select Register button.
  3. Log-in to your Farmeroutlets account after activation of your account by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email. Complete your profile in My activity page.
  4. To add product, select Add Products on my activity page. Search from our product inventory page appears. Select from our category and sub category type of item to add. You can either fill in the product title/description or leave blank and select Go button.
  5. When you fill in the product title/description and click on Go button, a page with ‘No Record found…Add a new product’ is shown.
  • Click on Add a new product which opens up to add product page. Before you select add product button, fill in all required details and upload product picture.
  • To upload product picture, preview picture and ensures that it fits in the size provided. You can add minimum of 1 picture and maximum of 4 pictures.

6.  If product title/description is blank and you select Go button, a ‘product prototype’ is shown. Select from the displayed product prototype, item that matches details close to your intended item. Click on add price button. Modifying product prototype is easy and faster, just fills in product information in spaces provided.


       9.  How do I manage my posted produce/products (classified)

  1. To manage your posted produce/product you must be signed in to your account and go to my activity page.
  2. Select My Products from my activity page. This will take you to My Product page. You will see all the items you posted. Find the item you will like to change.
  3. From action column you can make any edits, delete, change your descriptions or add more pictures. Click Save to save your changes


      10.  How do I manage Prototype Products

  1. Follow the steps mentioned in How do I sell my farm produce/products from 1 to 4.
  2. Leave the product title/description blank and click on Go button.
  3. Select from the displayed product prototype item that have details close to your intended item, click on add price button.
  4. Add price button takes you to add product page. Modify to suit your item
  5. If there is need to modify item pictures, click on My Products’. Select the edit icon from the action column and upload or delete pictures.


       11.   How do I Showcase my Farm, Post Advert & Job

  1. Sign-in to your Farmeroutlets account
  2. In my activity, select My Profile
  3. Fill in the details, upload farm pictures and save. 

The more information you provide, the more potential customers can find your farm. Two key areas of information are important: 

  1.  Farm Description Fields: Give an accurate description of your farm, activities and interesting things you want users to know about your farm. The more information you provide, the better your chances of meeting your potential customer’s needs.

  2. Images: As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words. We encourage you to post at least two images, and hopefully four of your farm. This will tell users to have more pictorial ideas of how your farm looks like.

       4.  Users can update their profile, farm pictures and farm logo

       5.  We recommend using CHROME to browse