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Start by creating an account as a farmer. An email or phone text message is sent to you for confirmation, which automatically log you on to ‘my activity’ internet page. Effectively list and upload all your products, describe and take pictures that sell. Pictures must be exact image of products and give the price you wish to sell including tax.

Sell by Categories

You list all your products in a variety of categories and sub categories. See all Categories From your dashboard you control all your products, order and subscriptions. Your products are listed daily in the amounts you choose; you can add more or automatically re-list your items any time. You determine your price and payment. All payment from customers is directly to you and outside the website. .

Make Money with Us

  • Sell FREE all products.
  • FREE commission on all sales.
  • Unlimited listing of product.


In case you require assistance, please get in touch with us, go to Contact Us.


Be honest… Be transparent… Put the customer’s needs first. Successful farmers and satisfied customers will make farmeroutlets successful for all. It all starts with YOU!!!