About Farmeroutlets

Farmer Outlets is an online marketplace set up specifically to give farmers, producers, investors and customers another direct channel to market and buy farm fresh produce and services. We are the leading online Job- Board for both job seekers and employers in agriculture, natural resources and food industry.

An online shop where multiple farmers, farm investors and consumers come together to;

  1. buy
  2. sell their abundant variety of local and seasonal produce
  3. share their farm information
  4. lease advertise farm input, jobs and other agric related events


Our goal is to be the most cost-effective high impact marketing platform for Farmers and Agriculture Business Investors.


It is free to sell on Farmeroutlets, zero commission, no annual general fees and doesn’t charge anything extra from farmers for selling their produce. In addition to this, farmers also list unlimited number of products and we do not even interfere in any kind of financial transaction that is between buyers and sellers.

We only charge tokens from farmers that opt for a dedicated page to showcase their farm and produce.

We are committed to support local farms and we bring farms to millions of Nigeria shoppers that eat fresh. Farmers if you have a farm and its yields huge amounts of food items every year, do not wait for anybody’s suggestion, just register with us and you can sell all your freshly cultivated grocery items to our customers, who visits us only because of your fresh stock which you offer.

Farmers, you are just a step away. Register with us and get along with your business.

Consumers and customers, pay us a visit, place your order from different sellers and get them straight at your doorstep.