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Welcome to Royal SFI Farming - Fish Farming

Royal SFI farms is a corporate organization that is registered with corporate affairs commission of Nigeria and was incorporated in 2016. We have so far engaged in fish farming, manufacturing and distribution of fish feeds, processing of live Table size catfish and melaunch (medium size Catfish); sales of fingerlings and juveniles. We also offer consultancy services and educate people on fish farming.

The following are the services:
1. Production and sales of Catfish fingerlings, post fingerlings, melaunch, fish feeds, juvenile, post juvenile and table size.
2. Farm management
3. Training.
4. Consultancy

1. Fingerlings
2. Post Fingerlings
3. Juvenile.
4. Melaunch
5. Table sized fish
6. Brood stock
7. Processed Catfish

The lack of knowledge depth in the fish farming business has lead us to become consultants for people that intend to start the business or farmers that are actively in the business. We advice people on how to grow their fishes using the right feeds and also educate farmers on how to prevent the untimely death of the fishes.We produce quality fish feeds, fingerlings, post fingerlings, melaunch and juveniles for catfish farmers across the country. Our table size Catfish are available all season . We also make smoke Catfish which have become an essential ingredient in most delicacies.


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